Bathrooms Looking Washed Up? Add Value To Your Home With A Clean Bathroom Remodel

When remodeling your home, the bathroom is one room that has the highest return on your initial investment. You’re likely to see 100 percent back when you invest as little as five percent of your home’s market value. If you remodel a master bath, increasing your initial investment to seven to ten percent has significant impact. Staying up-to-date on current real estate and neighborhood trends allows you to remodel the bathroom in a way that adds value to your property.


Why You Should Hire a Professional to Do the Remodel for You

There are many reasons why you should hire a bathroom builder to make remodeling a bathroom a priority. First and foremost, you’re going to need to use the facilities somewhere. If it’s the only bathroom you have access to, you’ll be dependent on public restrooms and your family’s homes for showering.

Bathroom construction in Miami contractors are necessary when:

  • When new tile is being laid.
  • When a new tub, shower, sink, or toilet installation takes place.
  • When a new floor plan is necessary to accommodate your family.
  • When you’ve bought a soaking tub or jacuzzi.
  • When a vanity gets turned into a his-and-her sink and counter.
  • When a dual shower system is needed.

Attempting to do these projects yourself without the assistance of a bathroom builder isn’t a wise idea. It could end up costing you much more money than you first anticipated. You could also significantly damage your pipes, walls, and flooring by installing an item incorrectly.

Where to Best Invest Your Money

Certain upgrades pay off more than others in the bathroom. Each suggestion listed below creates the type of clean and spacious atmosphere you desire for yourself, your family, and household guests. If you were to sell your home at a later date, the bathroom you chose to remodel could help get more money out of your property.


The size of your bathroom determines the type of lighting that will work best for you. Working with the bathroom construction in Miami contractor to come up with an option that lights up the space and makes it feel more accommodating is ideal. You may want to consider wall sconce lighting as a way of saving space and illuminating the entire room.


When strategically placed in the room, they can help lower home energy costs. When decorated with tasteful blinds and window treatments, it adds to the aesthetics of the room. Applying a decorative film to windows provides privacy but still allows light in.


A beautiful pedestal sink can transform the look and appeal of a bathroom quickly. If you can’t afford one at the moment while remodeling a bathroom, a new faucet does the trick. It’s budget-friendly and practical. Think sink, tub, toilet, and showerheads. Each enhances the look of the bathroom. You can also choose eco-friendly options that allow you to conserve water.


The color of the walls makes a bigger impact than you imagined. A small bathroom needs a coat of lighter colored paint. It makes the room feel larger. If the master bathroom is large and you want to make it feel more comfortable, try a darker color. Warmer colors on the walls and a darker shade on the ceiling makes sense.


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