Cast Iron Pipes

As a homeowner in Miami, there are fun home improvement projects and then there are not-so-fun home improvement projects. Replacing your rusted cast iron pipes? Not so fun. If you find yourself in a position requiring you to replace your cast iron pipes, we’re here to help you successfully get through the process as smoothly as possible.

At Bigfoot Construction, we know how to coordinate between all the players on getting your rusted cast iron pipes replaced – who are often scattered across Miami-Dade County. We consider it our priority to manage the project from start to finish while ensuring minimum disruption to your daily life.

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The Challenge with Cast Iron Pipes

Many homes in South Florida that were built before 1975 may be equipped with cast iron pipe plumbing systems. The problem with cast iron pipes is that they can begin corroding within as little as 25 years and have an average lifespan of only between 40-50 years. This pipe corrosion and structural damage spells big trouble when it comes to water damage in your home, pest infestation, sewer backup, and damaging health pathogens, among other problems.

Not to mention, replacing cast iron pipes can be expensive, and many homeowners insurance companies have pushed back on covering claims related to water damage and pipe corrosion.

How to Know if You Have a Cast Iron Pipe Problem

In Florida, we contend with a lot of salt and moisture in our soil which can spur unwanted pipe corrosion. If any of following are familiar in your home, you may have a cast iron pipe problem:

  • Slow flushing or backups
  • Increased roach or pest sightings
  • Bad smells
  • Water leaks or signs of damage

If you’re concerned that your home may have damage from cast iron pipes, call us today for an inspection so that any potential excess damage can be mitigated.

Replacing Cast Iron Pipes

In homes with crawlspaces underneath them, re-plumbing the home can be a bit easier as the plumbers have more direct access to the cast iron pipes. However, many older homes were built with the cast iron pipes encased in concrete slab foundations.

For those homes built on concrete slabs, replacing the damaged cast iron pipes requires ripping up the floor and jackhammering the concrete throughout the entire house in order to access the pipes. Once again, not so fun. This is where having an experienced residential contractor managing the project can ensure that your home is handled with precision and care and that any additional home repairs that need to be tended to are handled quickly and efficiently.

While replacing cast iron pipes is not something a homeowner ever wants to have to deal with, unfortunately many of us in South Florida will have to confront this issue in our homes. If that happens to be you, give us a call at 305.790.1722 to discuss the best approach to solving your cast iron pipe problems. We’ll ensure that your project is completed with expert care and minimum disruptions on your life.

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