Adding On Home Additions for Your Kids

Many couples buy ‘starter homes’ without considering how challenging they become to live in when children are born. They found the asking price to be right and the neighborhood perfect for young couples. If this description sounds like you, and you now have kids to consider, it’s time for a home addition. It’s the most cost-effective way to ensure that everyone has the space that they deserve inside the residence.


It’s Not Always Ideal to Buy a Bigger Home

Although some people may advise you to sell your home to buy a larger residence, it isn’t necessarily the best idea to entertain. After all, you have time and money already invested in the home you own. It could take months or even years to sell your house. Would you be willing and able to pay two mortgages in the meantime?

If you love your home and want to stay put, you can with Home Additions in Miami. Adding onto the property you own allows you to accommodate your growing family without sacrificing the comfort and security you’ve built in the house that you enjoy. You won’t need to find the perfect neighborhood again because you’ll stay in the location that you know so well.

How Much Space is Enough Space for Your Family

A kids room addition needs to be roomy enough to allow space for inspired play. If children have a place to sleep and nothing more, it stifles their creativity. They need to be able to spread out, run, jump, and play with the greatest of ease.

With a contractor’s assistance, you may want to have additional rooms created inside the home. For example, a home office allows you to work from home easier while tending to the children. Then, if you do decide to have more children, the room can be converted to a playroom if needed.

Always overestimate the amount of space that you need. If you don’t, you may need the contractor to return to add even more rooms to the home. When in doubt, ask the professional for advice.

The Benefits of Extending the Home

A children’s home addition has its benefits. There are many options available for you to choose from. Once the contractor has accounted for the lot size and the number of square feet that you desire, you’ll be able to determine the placement of the rooms.

Bigfoot Construction’s guidance through Home Additions in Miami help you decide how much of your extra land you’ll devote to the addition. You may not have a lot of room for a backyard or playground. A swimming pool may be out of the question.

Consider the age of the children and how their needs will eventually change. It may be better to build one big room for two children to share as opposed to two small rooms on other ends of the home. That way, you still have space to change things up as the kids get older.

The kids room addition plays a contributing factor to the other rooms in the home. You may find that later on, you’d like to have a larger kitchen or entertainment room. Being deliberate in your planning of the new additions ensures that you’ll always have a home that you love and appreciate available for you and your family to live in long-term.

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3 Questions to Consider Before Building a Residential Addition

Many residential additions arise out of the need for more space or as a way to add more functionality to your home’s current design. Residential additions can also be a great way to add value to your home. As you make plans to add on to your home, there are some important questions to consider first. Here are three big ones to ask yourself:

What addition can you build?

It can be easy to let grand visions run wild – not to mention incredibly fun –  but one of the first questions to consider before building a residential addition is if there are any zoning or building restrictions on your specific lot or in your community. For example, in Coral Gables, all home projects must first go before the Gables Board of Architects before being approved. This is to maintain the traditional aesthetic of the community as well as ensure consistency with regulations and stylistic elements. Having a qualified architect on board is a good idea to advise on processes like this as well as help bring your overall vision to life.

What architectural features do you want your residential addition to include?

Adding an addition shouldn’t compromise the aesthetics of your home. You want it to complement the existing structure and features both inside and out, which means paying attention to how the roof, shingles, and siding will blend, as well as interior flooring transitions, beams, posts, windows, and doors.

How much will your residential addition cost?

In many ways, your budget will dictate the scope of your project. Make sure your expectations and budget are in alignment for the addition itself, but also for the longer term cost increases that may come from the addition in the form of increased energy bills, property taxes, and other ways.

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3 Upgrades That Give a Major Boost to Your Home’s Value

Investing in home improvement projects creates value in two key ways: first, it provides for personal enjoyment while you live there and then, if the renovation is done well, it should increase the future resale value.

If you’re looking to make an upgrade that will reap significant returns down the road, focusing on kitchens, windows, and bathrooms are always worth considering. Here’s why:

Kitchen upgrades

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families gather and where guests tend to congregate. Kitchen remodels can also be expensive and disruptive to daily life, which is all the more reason future homebuyers will appreciate it – by making the kitchen the focus of your home improvement project, you’ve done the dirty work for them! Fresh, modernized kitchens consistently do well for resale, and if done right, it’s possible to recoup nearly all or more of your investment.

Window replacement

Replacing old, inefficient windows are important value-adds to homes regardless of your location. In Miami Dade County, however, even more important is replacing outdated standard windows with ultra-durable impact windows. Not only do these windows offer superior protection from storm damage, they also save homeowners money on insurance premiums and energy costs.

Bathroom remodels

Upgrading bathrooms also bring a strong return on investment when done tastefully. Even small upgrades like replacing a vanity or modernizing hardware, paint, or tiling can make a big impact. Quality executed bathroom renovations have the ability to transform your home and your experience within your home.

As you choose to make improvements to your Miami home, consider Bigfoot Construction for the job. We’ll meet with you to discuss your plans and what you want to achieve with your renovation. After the consultation, finalized design plans, and the necessary permits have been obtained, we’ll get to work with efficient and quality workmanship. Call us today at 305-790-1722 to learn more about how we can help with your specific project needs.

Value of Residential Addition

How a Residential Addition Can Add Immediate Value to Your Home

A residential addition can be a great way to make space for a growing family. You can add an in-law cottage for guests (or, well, in-laws). You can seamlessly extend a room or portion of your home so it is customized to your preferences. An addition may also add value to your home by increasing your square footage and layout. Not to mention, it will add intangible value and enjoyment that you, as a homeowner, will feel in your new space.

Before undertaking an addition, it’s important to take a thorough inventory of your needs and goals. Namely, you should evaluate the broader property landscape. Here’s where to start.

Consider your neighborhood before a Residential Addition

What are typical homes like in your neighborhood, and how does your existing property stack up? If you’re in a neighborhood of 4 bedroom/3 bathroom properties, adding a master suite to your 3/2 can add a lot of value.

That being said, think about the permitting process and what’s acceptable in your city. One project could be completely viable in Palmetto Bay and be a smart build. But the exact same addition in Coral Gables could cost multiple times as much because of local codes.

Understand your goals and motivations

As we mentioned, adding value should not solely be considered in terms of dollars and cents. How you feel in your home and the goals you’re hoping to achieve with an addition can be worth a lot. Consider your “why” and evaluate how a new room or addition will help you feel fully at ease in your home. If you love your neighborhood and that master suite of your dreams would change everything, the value it provides you should be weighed in the decision-making process.

Weigh your alternatives

For some, an addition is not worth the effort and cost and they would rather move homes. For others, a residential addition can be much more cost-effective and less stressful than moving. The choice to add on to your home can be emotionally and financially taxing. We always recommend taking time at the outset to look at various options talk to experts – namely Realtors, Architects and Contractors. Weigh the pros and cons of your alternatives before jumping in with an addition.

Residential additions can add value to your home both personally and financially. As you consider the options for your Miami home and have questions about the best approach for you, give us a call at 305-790-1722 to discuss. At Bigfoot Construction, it is our mission to deliver a superior residential addition to your home quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.