Handicap Accessible Home Renovation

Creating a home is all about making it suit your needs. For people with accessibility needs, this often means renovating their current home or buying a new home that offers better handicap accessible features. Whether you have an aging family member or someone requiring a scooter or wheelchair for mobility or another disability, making important home renovations to suit their modified needs is critical for maintaining independence and accessibility throughout the entire home.

At Bigfoot Construction, we help improve your home’s functionality for all members of the family by providing handicap accessible home renovations in important places like the bathroom and kitchen as well as adjustments throughout the entire house.

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Making a House a Home

For families who find themselves needing to make handicap accessible home upgrades, the ultimate goal should be creating a space that is functional and comfortable for all members in the household. While renovation projects can be expensive, fortunately, there are many opportunities to apply for disability-related grants and other financial support to help cover the cost of home renovations. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) offers numerous resources for those looking to get started with a handicap accessible home renovation.

Adapting your home for improved handicap and wheelchair accessibility will not only help create an inviting home, it will also improve your quality of life. Here are a few places we recommend to start when renovating your home for improved wheelchair mobility and overall handicap accessibility.

Bathroom Renovations

Safety and independence are top concerns when undertaking a bathroom renovation. Installing things like grab bars and handheld shower heads are simple steps every bathroom remodel should include. Other items may include:

  • Enabling direct walk or roll-in shower entry, which will require a shower curb removal
  • Ensuring that the toilet has a higher seat height and grab bars

Equipping the sink with lever-type handles rather than knobs and opening up the space beneath the sink so a wheelchair can roll underneath it

Kitchen Renovations

Creating an accessible kitchen means ensuring there is adequate space for wheelchair mobility (this includes adequate width as well as open floor space) and adjusting sink, stove, cabinet and counter-top height for improved ease of use. Installing ADA-approved appliances may also make life in the kitchen easier.

Overall Home Updates

Throughout the home, additional renovations can be done to improve wheelchair mobility and improved accessibility. For example, adding an entry ramp for seamless access to the home is critical, as well as ensuring that door frames are at least 32 inches wide and hallways are at least 36 inches wide. Adjusting the height of light switches is another essential improvement that can be made to improve a person’s quality of life.

If you’re undertaking a home renovation project to improve handicap accessibility, consider these important upgrades as well as those specific to your needs. Also be sure to research potential financial assistance programs and grant opportunities that you may qualify for.

At Bigfoot Construction, our goal is to help you make your home as comfortable and functional as possible and ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. Give us a call at 305.790.1722 to discuss your renovation goals.

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