How Long Will it Take to Finish My Residential Project?


Home renovation projects – from impact window installation to residential additions, bathrooms, and kitchen upgrades – follow similar processes for ensuring timely construction and quality deliverables that exceed customer expectations. While a construction project timeline is dependent upon the specific project (among other things), certain factors can influence how long it will take to finish your project. Below we’ll discuss just a few of those variables and how they might play out in a home renovation project.

Factors that can influence your construction project timeline 

Location – You may not like to hear this, but your location can have an impact on the overall timeline for your project. For example, the process for some projects can take longer in Coral Gables than in Palmetto Bay even if the projects are identical. Be sure to ask about any potential delays or hurdles that could be incurred just based on your zip code.  

Final design – Nailing down the final design can be a lengthy process for some, while others are able to move more quickly. If you are certain about the items you’re looking to incorporate into your design ahead of time – that will help speed up the process. Changes made into the process will inevitably slow down your timeline.

Revisions – Revisions are a common occurrence during residential construction projects and generally result from either an inspector’s request or a correction needing to be made to an architect’s original plan. The process for revisions includes collaboration between the architect, engineers, and contractor to make the modification(s). The revision is then resubmitted to the county for them to approve or deny before work can continue. The severity of the revision and other factors can influence how long of a construction delay there is.

Finishes – Some homeowners are surprised by the amount of decisions they have to make during a home renovation or construction project. Even more surprising to them is how a delay in making decisions on finishes like fixtures, faucets, and even flooring can impact how long it will take to complete the project. Delaying decisions on finishes (or changing one’s mind) can delay the project, especially if materials need to be special ordered.

Ultimately, your goals and needs for your project will be a leading factor in determining your construction project timeline. If you have questions about your specific plans, schedule a consultation today to discuss all the details you need to ensure a successful project.