The Construction Process – What Are The Potential Delays & Additional Costs?

The Construction Process

For anyone looking to start a construction project, you may wonder about any potential hang-ups that can occur during the project. Even something as seemingly simple as a renovation project can hit problems or delays. What are the reasons behind those delays? Do they provide additional costs? The answers can impact your budget planning as well as your preferred completion date. This article will discuss potential delays that might occur during the construction process as well as any additional costs that might surface.


1. Choosing Finishes

Before starting a renovation, remodeling, or residential addition project, there are a few finishing details that have to be discussed. These stem everywhere from doorknobs to windows to sinks and their faucets. While some people may have had the finishes in mind already, others do not. They may even find that the finishes they wanted to include do no fit with the design or no longer match the aesthetic that they were initially aiming for. You may even simply find that the finished detail is out of stock. All of which rob a project for time and money if not selected sooner.

Another common culprit is the owner not spending the time or money to work with an interior designer to select the details during the design process. In some cases, the job can come to a halt because finishes were not ordered beforehand or have had some delay. This adds unnecessary and unexpected stress to a project. The money spent on a good design is well worth the piece of mind!

Waiting for finishes, choosing expensive finishes, and needing to replace finishes that were broken can all drive the budget and project timeline past its predicted amount. In the case of expensive finishes, they may not be chosen until after everything else is built. As a result, they don’t have a place in the remainder of the budget. More money will be required to pay for those finishes. 

The delay can last anywhere from a week to several weeks depending on how long it takes for someone to decide on the finish and for the finished detail to arrive and be installed. Something such as a vanity, shower fixture change, or lighting fixture change can also add time and money to the project due to the walls potentially needing to be reopened. The tradesmen would have to return to set the proper location or connection for the new fixture. That change may also need revisions to the plans by the architect and engineer which can lead to another increase in time and budget.


2. Final Design Decisions

Another delay that might arise in the construction process is the final decision about the design details. This can take place before construction begins and before it officially ends. As a result, all of the design decisions may have to be repeated again. The design is reviewed and inspected throughout the project to ensure that it is safe, that it fits the space, and that it looks and operates how the client wants it to. 

Depending on the change, the final design could take a week to several weeks to complete and be approved.


3. Revisions and Change Orders

If an active project encounters any unforeseen obstruction or conditions, this will limit what is possible and possibly take the project beyond the intended budget. The plans will then need to be revised and submitted to the county for approval. For anything related to a structure, plumbing or electrical work, an architect needs to communicate the changes to the respective engineer, the engineer makes the changes and the architect may need to revise their original design. This may take a few days, or up to a few weeks depending on the architect and engineers workload. The contractor also has to complete a change order and add cost for the change. Depending on the work and trades involved, this can add additional time as well.  

Unfortunately, change orders are a “necessary evil” in construction. Many projects are similar but no two projects are the same. Did you know, for the most part, new construction is a simpler process when compared to a renovation? Find yourself an honest hardworking contractor like Bigfoot Construction that has the experience to eliminate some of the unnecessary change orders that may come up. We save you Time and Money on your projects.


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