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Living in Miami, we are no strangers to high winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes. We also love letting in as much natural light as possible into our homes, but that also causes our energy costs rise. The solution to these South Florida window challenges is easy – installing impact windows.

At BigFoot Construction, we specialize in installing impact windows that provide structural protection in the event of a hurricane or other damaging winds as well as help reduce energy costs. With potential added benefits like Wind Mitigation Credits on your homeowners insurance and relatively low-cost financing options such as Ygrene, you will start saving money today when you install impact windows in your Miami home.

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Protection from the Wind

Stay calm in the storm knowing your home is secure with hurricane-proof impact windows. With impact windows, you don’t need to rely on storm shutters to keep your home safe from wind and debris. Impact windows come with aluminum, vinyl, or wood trim and are made of layered glass and other storm-resistant materials that are able to withstand the equivalent of a 9-pound 2×4 lumber missile striking end on at 34 mph. They also are designed to look aesthetically pleasing as well.

Energy Cost Reduction

Let the sunshine in without having to crank the air conditioner (and energy bill). Impact windows rely on double-pane glass to filter out harmful UV rays and minimize the amount of heat that enters your home. Thicker insulation also helps prevent your cool indoor air from escaping. With your new impact windows, you’ll be able to enjoy more natural sunlight in your home without having to worry about the significant energy costs that can come with the sun’s heat.

Which Impact Window Should You Choose?

Impact windows are an investment, so taking the time to consider which style and aesthetic works best for your home is important. Evaluate the cost, durability, and visual appeal of the various impact window options before committing to a selection. You may also choose to prioritize other benefits like noise reduction or heat transfer. Impact windows are not one-size-fits-all, so schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options and find the right fit for your home.

Better protect your home from damaging winds and start saving money on energy costs today by contacting us today at 305.762.9520‬ to install impact windows in your Miami home. With us it will be done quickly and done right, so you can feel confident you’re making the smart and economical choice when installing impact windows.

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