How Much Can You Save by Installing Impact Windows in Your Home?

Financial considerations can be one driving force when making the decision to switch to impact windows. After all, it can be expensive to install such durable windows that are able to withstand winds up to 200 mph. But the upfront investment can be worth it in terms of the long-term financial savings you could reap by installing impact windows in your South Florida home — you just have to look at the different ways impact windows save money.

And when it comes to the dollars and cents of a project, the standard points are usually brought up — it increases the value of your home for resale, your home will sell faster, et cetera. And while those are often true (though you should speak to a realtor before quantifying how it will affect your home’s value), there are more tangible cost savings that you’ll see right away.

How Impact Windows Save Money:

Reduced homeowners insurance premiums

The state of Florida requires insurance companies to provide discounts, credits or other rate differentials for homes that utilize construction techniques to reduce damage and loss from wind storms. This includes things like installing impact windows. To estimate your potential savings, you can use the Florida Wind Insurance Savings Calculator.

Reduced energy costs

Impact windows are a sustainable option that help lower your energy bills. Keep your home more comfortable without paying high costs to run your air conditioner nonstop. Impact windows offer a protective barrier to help keep heat out and cooler air in and save you hundreds of dollars each year. They also offer superior UV protection, which means your home’s interior will be better protected from sun damage.

Increased resale value

(We had to include it). Not only can installing new impact windows can increase the value of your home, you’ll also very likely recoup most of your investment if you decide to sell. The added convenience and safety features are big selling points to potential buyers.

Saving money (and improving safety!) are big reasons to install impact windows, and with options like Ygrene financing, it can be easy to start saving today. If you have questions about impact windows, get in touch with us at 305-790-1722.