See the Difference: Side-by-Side Comparison of Impact vs. Standard Windows

Whether or not you have impact windows installed in your home, you’ve likely heard about some of the benefits, but do you really understand the impact windows versus standard windows debate? Before making a decision to install impact windows in your home, it’s helpful see a side-by-side comparison to understand the similarities and differences between the two.

Impact Windows


Standard Windows
·       Multi-layered glass with a PVB or EVA interlayer sealed in between offer incomparable protection against wind damage and intruders. ·       Standard glass means windows break more easily from wind debris or intruders.

·       Windows can become damaged or warp from routine wear and tear over time.

·       No storm shutters needed. ·       Hurricane shutters and panels are required to protect your home from strong winds.

·       Storm shutters require seasonal installation and storage, which can also be time-consuming and costly.

·       Improved insulation and energy efficiency means it costs less to cool and heat your home.


·       Minimal UV protection to your home and its interior.
·       Indestructible impact windows prevent sudden air pressure changes caused by blown out doors or windows, which can lead to roofs being blown off or walls collapsing. ·       Broken windows can send flying shards of glass in all directions as well as lead to sudden air pressure changes in the home.
·       Requires a larger upfront investment ·       More affordable upfront costs
·       Savings on homeowners insurance – Homes with impact windows often qualify for significant wind mitigation discounts on their premiums.
·       Reduced noise pollution

Making the choice to install impact windows versus standard windows often comes down to several factors, including costs, convenience, and overall appearance. Within these broad categories are many personal decisions each individual home owner has to make. For example, how much time and effort do you have to deal with storm shutters on that second story? You might also think through how installing impact windows might affect your home’s resale value.

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