Interior Remodeling Time & Budget: What To Expect

Interior Remodeling Time & Budget: What To Expect

Committing your time and money to an interior remodeling project can be daunting. The most crucial point in the interior remodeling process is planning. 

Our team has completed numerous interior renovations. Utilizing our extensive historical project data, we have put together various cost estimates and timelines for your interior project. The cost of each project can vary greatly dependent on any changes to layouts, materials, and the general specifics of the job. Taking time on the design process is extremely important in order to avoid potential delays and costs.

The following prices are generally where each respective project starts, but the prices can range depending on the unique characteristics of each project. If you hire Bigfoot Construction for your Miami renovation or remodeling job, these are the prices you can typically expect. The price of the project is determined by the finishes selected and the scope of work. Below are some general starting costs for interior renovations. The prices listed do not include any bathroom finishes such as fixtures, tile and millwork.

Interior Remodel – Starting at $50,000-200,000+

Design Process Approximately 1-3 Months
Construction Process Approximately 3-8 Weeks

What Takes Up So Much Time & Money?

The cost of your project is entirely dependent on the amount of work needed to complete your renovation. It is important to remember that your renovation makes two positive impacts on your home.

  1. Added enjoyment from your home
  2. Added resale value and increased equity in your home

Take a look at some of the time and cost elements for some popular interior renovation projects.

Adding Square Footage/Knocking Down Walls

Want to make a huge impact on your living space? Removing walls and adding square footage is a great way to make an impact. There are many factors that play into cost, including:

  1. Structural walls that are bearing loads
  2. Walls and ceilings with texture
  3. Plumbing, electrical, or HVAC that need to be added or relocated
  4. Lead painted walls

Our partners

Our team at Bigfoot Construction handles the entire buildout of a renovation project. As an complementary added service, we also extend our network of specialty partners to get the job done. A few of those specialty partners include:

  1. Architects
  2. MEP engineers
  3. Structural engineers
  4. Specialty tradesmen

Wondering how soon you can start your interior remodel project? Schedule a consultation today to discuss the details of your South Florida home project plans, or call us at 305.762.9520‬