Going Against The Remodeling Trends – 4 Things Not To Do

A house remodel provides you with the opportunity to update your home in a way that satisfies your needs long-term. It allows you to make choices that are timeless and ones that benefit you financially. More importantly, you can avoid home remodel errors that cost you time, money, and energy.

Five things not to do when remodeling your home are explained below. Following the advice included here prevents you from dating your home or adding unnecessary expense without any real purpose. You’ll learn why you shouldn’t invest in hardware with special finishes, cabinets built for hiding electronics, excessive bathroom additions, tiles with bold graphics, and shelves that are open for viewing.


Hardware with Special Finishes

Buying into the trendiness of hardware with special finishes puts you in a compromising position later on. You’ll be forced to live with your decision or made to do another home remodel much sooner than you anticipated. From a financial standpoint, it’s costly and completely unnecessary. Choosing more traditional finishes prevents you from needing to update your hardware more consistently because it matches your décor even after you’ve upgraded it.


Cabinets Built for Hiding Electronics

Although keeping the clutter hidden in the home should be applauded, it makes no sense to spend a great deal of money on cabinetry to ‘disguise’ electronics that will one day no longer be relevant in your life. There are better investments to consider for your house remodel. Remember that it takes a lot of square footage to install a large entertainment center that will be outdated in just a few years.


Tiles with Bold Graphics

There are other ways to add color and pattern to the space. Tiles that are too bold in appearance grow tiresome with time. Few people feel good about the decision to use graphic tile inside their homes after a house remodel. If you want to add personality to the space, consider adding bright rugs, pillows or vases instead of tile. It costs too much to replace it.


Shelves That Are Open for Viewing

Causing more work than necessary by needing to be dusted regularly, you should avoid building open shelves. It’s one remodeling mistake that can be addressed by having doors installed on cabinets. The items on the shelves will be less likely to get dusty as quickly, causing less work for you overall.

A home remodel is something that adds value to your residence. It’s meant to increase its worth, not date it quickly. By avoiding the things listed above, you can enjoy a beautiful home that you find comfortable, pleasurable, and safe.


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