Harvey Allan Rosenbaum a former army veteran was a decorated soldier.  Harvey served in the Vietnam war.  Harvey loved his country almost as much as he loved his family.  While serving in the armed forces Harvey’s friends regarded him as a true patriot, his fellow soldiers gave him the call sign “Bigfoot”.  Harvey Allan Rosenbaum passed in 2014 leaving behind a son, Darryl Rosenbaum.  Two years after his fathers passing Darryl decided to commemorate his fathers patriotism with the birth of his company, Bigfoot Construction, named after his fathers call sign.

Darryl the president of Bigfoot Construction says of his father “My father instilled in me a sense of value in my work, my ethics, and my country”.  It is no coincidence that Darryl named his company after the man that guided his beliefs.

Bigfoot Construction will keep Harvey Rosenbaum’s legacy alive.