Comparing Impact Glass vs. Hurricane Shutters in Miami

Florida is the one state in the United States most likely to experience a hurricane. For that reason alone, it’s important to consider the value impact-resistant windows bring to homes and buildings throughout the city of Miami. Without them, hurricanes destroy properties in record numbers because of the high gusts of wind and torrential downpours. If you own a house or business in the city, knowing a thing or two about impact glass windows for hurricanes is highly beneficial.

It allows you to compare them to hurricane shutters to determine which is the best solution for you. Economically, you may favor one over another. For safety purposes, however, one could be much more beneficial despite its cost. To better help you understand the two’s similarities and differences, we’ve created a short, but detailed guide that explains their benefits.


Impact Resistant Windows

Introduced in the 20th Century as a way to keep car windshields from shattering onto people when their vehicles crashed, impact glass is extra safe. It has the power to withstand a lot of force, making it perfect for Florida during hurricane season. Impact glass in Miami is an investment that is far greater than regular glass.

It can withstand winds of up to 140 mph without issue. It’s also a very effective way to keep intruders out of your home. The windows create a thick barrier that isn’t easily penetrated by a burglar or looter. They cannot ransack your home while you’re off seeking shelter somewhere other than Miami.


Hurricane Shutters

Among the most common ways to protect windows in the area is hurricane shutters. An installer places them over standard glass windows as a way of protecting them. Hurricane shutters come in a variety of colors and materials to match the look of your Miami home. Rather than use them only for standard glass windows, it’s best to use them with impact glass for an added layer of protection.

Materials used most often for hurricane shutters include aluminum and steel. Whichever material you prefer, make sure that it is among the most durable options available. That way you’re able to gain 100 percent protection from hurricanes as they occur.


Choosing the Best Option for You

Hurricane shutters, when paired with impact glass Miami is your best option. If you could only pick one or the other, however, due to cost, choose impact glass. It’s more of a cost initially but one that will pay off quickly thanks to the years of use you’ll get out of your windows.

For example, we recently installed impact windows on a home in Coconut Grove. The homeowner was paying approximately a $6,500 insurance premium before installing impact windows on their home. Once the installation was complete, their premium was reduced to $2,800. With substantial insurance premium savings like this example, the windows will pay for themselves within 4 years!

The verdict? Not only are they thrilled to save on their annual insurance insurance premium, but they also mentioned that the A/C is running less and they don’t have as much intrusive noise from the street as cars pass on the street!

Impact glass windows for hurricanes are well worth the expense because of the protection they provide year-round. Even when the weather is optimal, it keeps people from breaking into the home and taking what is yours. You’re able to protect your family from harm which is the most crucial reason to invest in impact resistant windows. They’re your number one asset after all, and the reason why you’d consider investing in hurricane-resistant windows in the first place!


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