Should I Stay or Leave While My Home Is Being Renovated?

Among the most important decisions that you will make when renovating a kitchen is whether you should stay in the home while it’s being worked on or whether you should go somewhere else until the contractor completes the job. Living through a renovation has its costs. It could very well disrupt your schedule, cause you to live in less-than-satisfactory living conditions due to stirred-up dust and older toxins, and make it impossible for you to use areas of the home undergoing renovations.

Some of the considerations you’ll want to make depend on which room or rooms you’re considering renovating, who is being affected by the renovations, and what your household budget for expenses typically is. You’ll also want to think about the questions below to get a solid idea of the why behind your reasoning. If you have a family who has needs to consider, you’re making a decision on their behalf and with their best interests in mind.


What is the point of your renovation?

Knowing why you’re renovating a kitchen or renovating a bathroom is imperative. If you’re planning on staying inside the home, you’ll need to find alternative ways to cook, use the toilet, and shower/bathe. If you have access to a secondary bathroom or own a grill, you can meet your needs quickly. If it’s the only bathroom you have inside the home, working around the contractor’s schedule may be impossible.

Moving out when the demolition phase starts is ideal. It renders rooms inside the home unusable for days to weeks at a time. It’s best to have a family member or friend to stay with or book a hotel, so your basic daily needs are met. If you do decide to remain in the home due to budgetary constraints or transportation limitations, you’ll need to set up a makeshift kitchen in another room that allows you to cook easier.

What does your household budget look like?

It’s another factor that you must address. If you don’t have the money to stay in a hotel or short-stay apartment rental, you’ll find staying inside the home during a renovation necessary. Living through a renovation may not be easy, but it is a possibility if you’re able to balance your finances accordingly.

Does someone with health conditions live in the home?

If you have children or adults that suffer from health conditions, it’s best to take them somewhere else while renovating a bathroom. The dust the contractors stir up during the renovation process has workers wearing respiration masks. You cannot spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your face covered.

How is the home laid out?

Some layouts make it possible for the contractor to renovate the home without inconveniencing you and your family in any way. For example, if the upper level is having renovations done, you can stay on the lower level until they’re complete. If there is a guest house or apartment over the garage, it can become your temporary dwelling until the contractor has completed the project.

Contractors do have ways to minimize the amount of dust that they stir up during a renovation. Working with the company you hired to take care of your kitchen or bathroom for you allows you to better understand the options that await you. They’ll discuss the choices you have and provide you with reasons why one decision is more favorable than another.


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